AOGS 2018 session "Geospatial Point Cloud Data Analysis for Natural Hazard Assessments" / アジアオセアニア地球科学会2018セッション「自然災害評価のための点群データ地理空間解析」発表募集

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The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 2018 will be held at Honolulu, Hawaii on June 03-08. We proposed the session on point cloud analysis and natural hazards. Our session is allocated in IG (Interdisciplinary Geosciences) section. Please consider presenting your research in this session! 😗

session description:

Geospatial Point Cloud Data Analysis for Natural Hazard Assessments

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Availability of three-dimensional point cloud data has widely been developed in geosciences field including the earth surface processes and dynamics, which are crucial for natural hazard assessments. Point cloud data offers various opportunities for the analysis of surface topography and subsurface structures, where the advanced use of point cloud data needs to be thoroughly challenged across various research fields in geosciences. Here in this session, we accept discussions on high-density point cloud data regarding its theory, acquisition, archiving, processing, modeling, analysis, and applications for society including natural hazard mitigation. The approaches may include, but not limited to, laser scanning, photogrammetry, GNSS positioning, sonar based on unmanned or manned platforms for subaerial or underwater objects.

Yuichi S. Hayakawa (Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo)
Christopher Gomez (Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University)

Abstract submission deadline:  January 19 (Fri), 2018 

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