short report: JpGU 2018 session "HIGH-DEFINITION TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOPHYSICAL DATA ANALYSIS" / 日本地球惑星科学連合2018年大会国際セッション「高精細地形・地球物理データ解析」開催報告

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JpGU2018 開催初日の日曜日、高精細地形・地球物理データ解析のセッションが行われました。皆様ありがとうございました。
Our session on high-definition topography and geophysical data analysis was held on Sunday, the first day of JpGU meeting. Thanks for all joined!

The oral session was held at a large room of the neighboring hotel. 
Around 50 audiences came to this session. 

Fruitful discussion was performed at the posters. We discussed not only the land surface measurements but also various applications including subsurface, underwater objects. 

Also, we had another presentation on the use of high-definition topographic data as the introductory talk of CSIS at the lunchtime short seminar. 

Although there were several interesting sessions at the same time (unfortunately), the day was so rich with a lot of related presentations. 

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